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To get quick towing service, please fill out the form below:

Note: If you are an AAA Member, you can double your benefits and here is how; Use your AAA Roadside Service to tow your vehicle to us (you $$ave on towing, and then show your AAA card at our shop and get 10% OFF up to $50 and $$ave even more…

Get a Free Car Towing With Qualified Auto Repair

How do I get free towing?

Very easy…Just fill out the form on this page and we will handle the rest.

How does the free towing service work?

Once you have filled out the form, we order a tow truck through an independent towing company and make arrangements to pick up your vehicle.

Does it cost me any money?

No, however the Free Towing Service is only offered with major repairs on which you spend $300 or more on related labor. The Free Towing Service is intended for local towing up to 5 Miles with a maximum benefit of up to $50. You are responsible for towing if qualified repairs are not authorized, any towing bill amount over $50 or if vehicle is not in an in-service condition. This offer may not be combined with other offers.

Towing is contracted through: Hyeland Towing License # CA175817